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This interactive activity allows you to complete the hierarchy of living organisms

This PowerPoint will help you review your classification notes


Examine some colorful pictures of salt water sponges

Visit the Evergreen Project to learn about sponges.


The Vancouver Aquarium presents Aquafacts - Jellyfish

Learn about cnidarians from the Evergreen Project.

The Evergreen Project has a nice site on coral reefs

SeaWorld has a tremendous amount of information on corals and coral reefs

Sea and Sky provides interesting information on animal life found around coral reefs


Follow the Adventures of Herman, the earthworm

Click here to access Journey North's FAQs About Worms

Here's an essay from Backyard Nature that provides a wealth of information on earthworms

Mississippi State University provides information on heartworm prevention


Visit the Evergreen Project to find basic information on mollusks.

Take this quiz on mollusks. It's great practice for the real thing!

Everything you may want to know about pearls can be found on this comprehensive site at The American Museum of Natural History.

Read about the history of pearls including a description of the world's most expensive dinner at this NOVA site. (Curious?)


The Evergreen Project provides some basic information on Echinoderms

Arthropods - Insects

Zoom in on the most wanted bugs at Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy site.

General Information Sites

Here's an animal site geared towards elementary/middle school students!! It's from the people at Enchanted Learning.

Find information on hundreds of species at

Investigate Animal Bytes at Sea World

Discover Rhode Island Coastal Environments -Take these virtual tours!!

Hydrothermal Vents

Follow scientists as they travel Into the Abyss to study hydrothermal vents

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