Cells and Heredity

Cell Structure and Function

Mr. Jones explains Cell Structures in Part 1 of a video series

This is the second part of Mr. Jones's series on Cell Structures

This tutorial by M. Mitchell-Pellet is a good way to begin reviewing the parts of a cell

Cell Inspector from Harcourt School Publishers allows you to match up the parts of plant and animal cells

Sheppard Software has great games to review the parts of animal and plant cells

Use the Incredible Megacell game to review the parts of the cell.

Visit the Virtual Cell Web Page and be sure to take The Virtual Cell Tour

Explore Inside a Cell from the Genetic Science Learning Center (This site may be difficult to understand.)

Learn all about plant and animals cells from Cells Alive! (This site may also be difficult to understand.)

Watch bacteria and cancer cells grow in real time.


Use this microscopy site from Florida State University (FSU) to magnify a microprocessor chip, onion root mitosis and a superconducting wire

How does a scanning electron microscope work? Find out at this site from the Museum of Science.

This site from FSU allows you to adjust the focus, contrast, brightness and magnification of a virtual scanning electron microscope to view carpet beetles, diatoms, dust mites, fruit flies and ragweed pollen

Dennis Kunkel Microscopy Inc. offers a wonderful JavaScript Scanning Electron Microscopy simulation. Be sure to start with the student site before graduating to expert status

Here's another example of a virtual microscope from Biomedical Imaging Group. Be sure to click "Launch Demo" in the upper right hand corner.

Use the Image Library Search to locate hundreds of spectacular pictures from Dennis Kunkel Electron Microscopy Inc.

The Biology Corner has an interactive quiz to help identify the parts of a microscope

Osmosis, Diffusion and Active Transport

View how salt affects osmosis courtesy of Dr. Giannini from St. Olaf's College

Investigate "How Osmosis Works" from McGraw Hill

Investigate "How Diffusion Works" from McGraw Hill

Investigate "How Facilitated Diffusion Works" from McGraw Hill

These animations from Wiley are meant for college students but everyone can learn something from them

Photosynthesis and Respiration

Sambal's Science Web has a great explanation of photosynthesis!

Sambal's Science Web also has a great explanation of cellular respiration!


This animation from W.W. Norton & Company introduces chromosomes and genes

DNA: The Instruction Manual for All Life

Take a Tour of the Basics at the Genetic Science Learning Center

Build a DNA molecule at the Genetic Science Learning Center

Now, you can isolate DNA from any living thing! Once you've finished the virtual lab, try your hand at a real extraction

Journey into DNA with this animated sequence from WGBH

DNA Workshop: You Try It

Need help with your vocabulary? Try this site from the National Human Genome Research Institute.


Click here to view Mendel's Discoveries at Harcourt School Publishers.

Conduct experiments just like Gregor Mendel's at Pea Soup

Watch this short video tutorial on Punnett squares from zeroBio

If you use Internet Explorer, practice your Punnett squares at zeroBio

Play Pass the Genes at this site from Nature

Use this site from the Vital Lab at Ohio University to practice your Punnett Squares

Investigate heredity at this interactive site on mouse genetics.

Help parents find their children at Chromosome Kindergarten

Here's another problem from the folks who brought you Chromosome Kindergarten

The Education Development Center, Inc. has created interactive activities covering many topics in genetics. In particular, be sure to check out Mendel's Peas, Dragons and Punnett Squares!

Here's a test for color blindness

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