Currently, we are using Organisms - From Macro to Micro a science kit designed for middle school students. Links on this page supplement concepts studied in the classroom.

Vascular Plants

Video on Vascular Plants by the Amoeba Sisters

Angiosperms - Flowering Plants

Watch this video on Flower Reproduction produced by the Amoeba Sisters

W.W. Norton has a useful interactive quiz on the parts of a flower

Here's a quiz on flower parts from The Great Plant Escape .

Click here to learn all about the different Types of Fruits at this Harcourt School Publishers site.

Pollination and Fertilization

Here is an animation from the US Forest Service showing the difference between self- and cross-pollination

This one page explanation of pollination from the Missouri Botanical Gardens will help you understand plant pollination

This short animation from Vimeo illustrates both pollination and fertilization


This video from TV411 has everything: a short animation on photosynthesis and a lesson on cooking salmon

This animation from Wonderville has a good explanation for photosynthesis, but save some time and skip the growing activity at the end


Prentice-Hall provides information and animations on transpiration

Prentice-Hall also has an animation on how guard cells work.

Here is an interactive tutorial on transpiration

The University of Nebraska provides a lesson on transpiration

This YouTube video from TutorVista will help you understand transpiration


View these great movies on tropisms from the University of Indiana

This clip from NASA highlights three different types of tropisms


An Interactive leaf key from the University of Iowa

The Arbor Day Foundation has a tree identification key for both Western and Eastern Trees

Identify trees by leaves, fruits or names courtesy of the Ohio Public Library System

Why do leaves change colors? Try these sites:

Read about the Chemistry of Autumn Colors

Science Made Simple offers this explanation. Activities/Labs are included!

Find the answer at the Storm Fax site

Here's one last site from the State University of New York - Environmental Science and Forestry


Linda Gilbert has written some wonderful columns on herbs. Recipes are included!

Too many herbs? The University of Illinois Extension has herb fact sheets and information on drying herbs

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