Have a blast with these chemistry links!


Practice measuring on a triple beam balance at this site from Ohaus

States of Matter

This site from Purdue discusses the differences between solids, liquids and gases

Footprints - Science has a good animation comparing the states of matter

Princeton's Plasma Physics lab will help you learn about the states of matter

Periodic Tables

WebElements Periodic Table

Chemical Elements - Periodic table

Check Your Element-al Knowledge

Play It's Elemental - Table of Elements Math Game. It's great practice for calculating protons, neutrons and electrons

Play It's Elemental- the Element Matching Game

Here's a game to help you prepare for your quiz on elements and their symbols

Atomic Info

Investigate atomic models at Harcourt School Publishers

Learn all about atoms from this tutorial from Jefferson Labs

Princeton's Plasma Physics Lab will teach you about atoms, elements and molecules

Atom Builder: Build A Carbon Atom - Construct the first six elements of the Periodic Table particle by particle!

Chemical Compounds

DiHydrogen Monoxide - The Truth

Chemical Reactions

Practice balancing equations at Chembalancer. It's truly interactive!

Need more practice? Try Review Chembalancer.

Density Links

Once again, Princeton's Plasma Physics Lab will help you master density

Acids and Bases

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