Leaf Collection Project

adapted from a project by Cheryl Massengale

Assignment: You are to create a leaf collection booklet containing leaves from SIX different species of trees. Your collection must contain at least 5 leaves from broadleaf trees. You may choose your remaining leaf from broadleaf, needle-leaf or scale-leaf trees. You may use only ONE maple leaf. Only trees on the 2013 List of Trees may be used. This year, you must paste two leaves from each species on a page. One leaf will show the top of the leaf; the other will show the bottom of the leaf.

Materials needed:

Directions for making a leaf press

Collecting and Pressing Your Leaves

Labeling Your Leaves

On-line Leaf Identification Guides

This older site from Virginia Tech is very useful in identifying leaves

Virginia Tech - Use this site to find the common name of your tree

Auburn University has an interactive leaf identification tool that may help you

The Texas Forest Service may be helpful in identifying your leaves

The Herbarium at the University of Wisconsin may help you identify your leaves

Arbor Day Foundation provides a key to determine common names

About.com also has a key to help determine common names

Alabama Cooperative Extension has a page of pictures that may help you identify your leaf

Once you know the common name of your leaf, use the Ohio Public Library Information Network to find its scientific name

Due date: October 10, 2013

Project Value: 200 points

Tree List for 2013 Leaf Project

Pick a maximum of one of the following:

Eastern hemlock


Eastern Arborvitae

Eastern red cedar

White spruce

Eastern white pine

Northern white cedar

Red pine

Umbrella pine

Pick 5 or 6 of the following:


River birch

Gray birch

Flowering dogwood

American chestnut


Horse chestnut

Honey locust

Black locust

Quaking aspen


American elm


Red maple*

Silver maple*

Sugar maple*

Japanese maple*

American beech

Tulip tree (Yellow-poplar)

Northern Catalpa

White mulberry

White ash

American sycamore

Weeping willow

White oak

Pin oak

Post oak

Black oak

Shagbark hickory



Eastern redbud

Big-tooth aspen

American basswood (American linden)

American holly

*Only one maple may be used