Metamorphosis - Complete or Incomplete/Gradual/Simple?

Incomplete/gradual/simple and complete metamorphosis differ in the number of life cycle stages an organism will go through during its transformation from egg to adult. Complete metamorphosis has four distinct life cycle stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The larva can be worm-like, although you can still see the six legs. The larvae eat constantly and grow rapidly. A hard, protective case forms around the larva; this is the pupa stage. Incomplete/gradual/simple metamorphosis only has three life cycle stages: egg, nymph, and adult. The nymph looks similar to, but is a smaller version of, the adult. The nymph is also wingless.

In this activity, you will be investigating the type of metamorphosis that the following insects experience. Click on each insect and you will be brought to a webpage where you can find your answer. For our purposes, incomplete, gradual and simple metamorphosis will all be considered the same.

1. ants

Once you find your answer, click HERE for additional pictures

2. termites


4. bees

5. cockroaches

6. fleas

7. ladybugs

8. dragonflies

9. fruit flies

10. praying mantis

11. cricket

12. mosquito

13. stink bug

14. darkling beetle (mealworm)

15. walkingstick