Simple Machine Questions for Simply the Best

Introduction to Simple Machines and Work

The Canada Science and Technology Museum can be used to answer questions 1 to 5.

HowStuffWorks defines work for you.

Click on "What is a simple machine?" to find some important information about work and simple machines from the Center of Science and Industry.


Turn to the Franklin Museum to answer the following question:

Search the Franklin Museum or Enchanted Learning to answer the following questions on levers:

View animation of all three classes of levers at Enchanted Learning.

Use the Lever Principle to solve the following problems:

Just when you think it's safe to advance to the next simple machine, another site provides an interesting challenge. See if you can Lever the Obelisk!

Additional members of the Lever family

Use this page on Pulley Basics to answer the following questions. If you'd like to learn more about pulleys, visit the block and tackle page at HowStuffWorks.

Now, visit the Franklin Museum to answer the following questions on wheels and axles.

Inclined Planes

Return to the Franklin Museum to answer the following question on inclined planes.

E-how provides the answers for the following question.

Visit Which Path requires the most energy? and find out how distance and force change with different angles!

Hint: Construct a table to answer questions 33 to 39.

Additional members of the Inclined Plane family

Access the Canada Science and Technology Museum to answer the following: Visit the Capital Region Science Education Partnership to find the answer to the following question. Be sure to scroll down to the section on wedges.

Test Yourself!!

Congratulations!, You've reached the end of the introductory questions! Now, check to see how well you understand simple machines by analyzing some complicated machines.