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If you're interested in Rhode Island weather, try these links:

Click here for current weather information for Providence at the Weather Channel. Be sure to scroll down for Sun and Moon information.

View current looping radar from

Check the 7 day weather forecast for Rhode Island from WeatherNet 10

Calculate the Sunrise, Sunset Times for Providence

Find out tide information for all of Rhode Island

Check the pollen forecast for any zip code in the US!

Current US Weather Maps

Click here for complete national maps at the Weather Channel

Use this national infrared map from The Sun-Sentinel to investigate current conditions.

Click here to visit the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center

The Atmosphere

Earthguide and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography designed an interactive tool to investigate the atmosphere

This NASA site also allows you to see the relationship between altitude, air pressure and temperature

What is the Aurora Borealis? Find out at this self-guided tour from the Exploratorium

Jan Curtis' site is filled with wonderful photos of the Aurora Borealis.

Air Pressure and Air Pressure Systems

Check out how air pressure affects basketballs at this site

What's an isobar? Find out at the University of Illinois!

Once you've learned about isobars, see current air pressure readings at the University of Illinois

Unisys offers a color-coded isobar map. Can you find the high and low pressure areas?

Where do baseballs go farther? New York or Denver? (Hint: It has something to do with air pressure.)

Ozone (both ground level and stratospheric)

Read all about the current state of stratospheric ozone at The Ozone Hole

Rhode Island's Dept. of Environmental Management provides information on ground level ozone

View the 3 day Air Quality Forecast at Rhode Island's DEM website

Investigate New England ozone conditions at this EPA site. Be sure to click on "Today's AQI Animation".

Find out about ground level ozone (smog) at Smog City

The American Lung Association provides air quality information on individual states.

What's the difference between the greenhouse effect and global warming?

The BBC has an animation to help you understand the greenhouse effect

Here's another animation of the greenhouse effect from the BBC

Find out about Global Climate Change at the EPA's (Environmental Protection Agency) Kids Site

Here's the Climate Change Site at the EPA


Use this "Scavenger Hunt on Hurricanes" to learn all about these monster storms!

Hurricanes use warm water as "fuel". Check out current sea-surface water temperatures at Weather Underground.

Need a hurricane tracking map? Here's one from NOAA

The National Hurricane Center allows you to build a hurricane at "Create-A-Cane"

The National Hurricane Center also has a site that allows you to "Aim a Hurricane"

AccuWeather has a great interactive hurricane tracker. Historical tracks can be accessed down the right hand column


USATODAY has an animation of tornado formation. Be sure to view the safety tips which explain why overpasses are dangerous!

The BBC also has an animation on tornado formation. Check out the last slide on the Fujita scale.

This explanation of tornado formation from Prentice-Hall may be more difficult for middle-schoolers to understand.

Be sure to use this information on tornadoes at the Whyfiles site

The National Geographic website has interesting footage of what happens inside a tornado.

USAToday provides a nice explanation of the new Enhanced Fujita Scale for tornadoes.

The National Weather Service provides monthly statistics dating back to 2004 on tornadoes


View an animation of land and sea breezes from McDougal Littell

The City University of New York has an excellent animation of global winds

Air Masses and Fronts

Review air masses at this interactive site from WeatherWise

This illustration from JetStream shows the source regions for all the different types of air masses.

Click here for an animation of a cold front from the University of Illinois.

Click here for an animation of a warm front from the University of Illinois.

Use this Jeopardy game to practice for your air mass and fronts quiz

Heat and Energy Transfer

This BBC site provides a clear explanation of conduction, convection and radiation

This CoolCosmos site from NASA may also help to explain conduction, convection and radiation

While at CoolCosmos, check out these "cool" pictures of objects giving off infrared heat

Fox Valley Technical College has a great animation of heat transfer

This quick, little activity from Harcourt School Publishers will help reinforce the concepts of conduction, convection and radiation

The Water Cycle and Humidity

Click here to see an informative animation of the water cycle presented by the EPA

Use this link to see Earthguide's animation of the water cycle.

Check current conditions on this US Drought Monitor Map

Acid Rain

Step through this presentation to learn all about acid rain

View the effects of acid rain on Acid Lake

Miscellaneous (but interesting) sites:

Use this Interactive Storm Maker from Scholastic to create all types of rainstorms and blizzards!

What time is it in Istanbul? Use the World Clock to find out!

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